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Artificial Intelligence Dev Conference [clear filter]
Wednesday, February 20


PRO WORKSHOP: Ask What AI Can Do for You
Machine learning has arrived in Javascript, and you, Javascript Developer, are uniquely positioned to build AI-powered tools accessible to a wider audience.

We’ll discuss:

* Why the future of AI will run on consumer devices, and why Javascript is an ideal language for building AI
* What AI is capable of achieving in browsers and on devices
* Common use cases for machine learning in the browser
We’ll conclude with some live demos of common AI use cases in the browser, including a live image classification demo.

avatar for Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott

Founder, Theory Incorporated
Kevin is on a crusade to convince you to start playing with AI. There’s never been an easier time to start hacking than today! Kevin has a background designing and building software for companies like Venmo, GE Healthcare, and ngrok. He founded “AI & Design,” a series of talks... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO WORKSHOP: From 0 to ML: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your First ML Project
This talk will help software developers identify problems that are good candidates for machine learning (and those that are not), and go through the steps involved in transforming a rule based system into a machine learning model. Being a software developer who recently started working on a machine learning project that serves over 600,000 merchants at Shopify, I have had to quickly bootstrap my machine learning skills. And it turns out it’s not as complicated or scary as it sounds! Certain problems are inherently good candidates to be solved with machine learning. I will start off by discussing how to identify them, including some real life examples from my organization. Once identified, I will guide the audience through how to define their problem as a machine learning model: identifying their features & labels. I won’t go into detail about training the model, as there are many frameworks out there for that with good documentation. Once the model has been defined I will discuss how to “productionize” it, describing our current setup, how we got there, and some of the challenges we face: monitoring/alerting, “online” training, and changing model features as data changes. This talk intentionally treats model training as a black box, as it is the most well documented step of the ML process. The most challenging and nuanced aspects are identifying problems, defining a model, and productionizing it. I will walk the audience through these steps in detail, using real life examples, and they should leave feeling better prepared to tackle some machine learning problems of their own.

avatar for Kirsten Westeinde

Kirsten Westeinde

Senior Software Developer, Shopify
Kirsten Westeinde is a technology enthusiast and a lifelong learner. She is a senior software engineer at Shopify, where she solves challenging web development problems every day. She has worked with Ruby on Rails for ~5 years, and is constantly adding new tools to her technology... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO WORKSHOP: AI for the Enterprise
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives, from our coffee pot to our car. By putting AI into everything we develop, we are empowering our applications to be the best in class. Come learn more about what AI means for you and how to quickly implement it in your applications without having to be an AI expert.

avatar for Heather Dykstra

Heather Dykstra

Developer Evangelist, Salesforce
Heather has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from CU Boulder. She has 4 years of experience on the Salesforce Platform and a lifetime of experience in technology, having built her first computer at just 10 years old!  She currently works at Salesforce as a Developer Evangelist... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO WORKSHOP: AI & Deep Learning: Leveraging Tensorflow with Solr and Spark for Smarter Search and Discovery
With deep learning and Tensorflow taking the AI field by storm, it’s natural to ask how it might be leveraged to enhance existing deployed systems. In this demo-driven talk, Grant will cover how we integrated Tensorflow into a Spark and Solr architecture to leverage it for a wide range of enhanced results from the low level indexing and enrichment stages of search through to high level features like question answering, auto-suggest and recommendations.

avatar for Grant Ingersoll

Grant Ingersoll

CTO and Co-founder, Lucidworks
Grant is the CTO and co-founder of Lucidworks as well as an active member of the Apache Lucene community – a Lucene and Solr committer, and co-founder of the Apache Mahout machine learning project. He is also the lead author of “Taming Text” from Manning Publications. Grant’s... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO WORKSHOP: Framework to Bootstrap and Scale an AI/ML Function Within Your Development Organization
With the hype around AI being high and dearth of experienced talent in the space is making it impossible for organizations to bootstrap AI functions in their organizations. In this session, I will cover a framework with practical tips on bootstrapping AI function. I have leveraged elements from real-world examples of Workday teams' 5 years of experience in leading Machine Learning where we have enables a variety of products using a diverse range of AI technologies - Vision, Language, Graph, Anomaly Detection, Search Relevance and more. You will walk away with a practical framework on how to bootstrap an AI function even in spite of the scarcity of experienced talent in the market.

avatar for Madhura Dudhgaonkar

Madhura Dudhgaonkar

Senior Director Machine Learning, Workday
Madhura Dudhgaonkar is a Machine Learning product leader (product and engineering team) at Workday. Her team, a pioneer in the Applied Machine Learning product space, has spent ~5 years building machine learning products. Madhura’s journey goes from being a hands-on engineer to... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO WORKSHOP: Promoting ML Across Your Engineering Organization: A Case Study
AI and ML are not just for experts.  As tools mature and best practices emerge, you can now leverage the collective brainpower of your entire engineering organization by empowering all engineers with AI and ML skills.  In this session, we'll review a case study of how our core ML team uses an 'embedded' model to partner with other engineering teams.  This provides a sustainable and scalable model for sharing common infrastructure, teaching core skills, and promoting best practices.

avatar for Patrick Grennan

Patrick Grennan

Senior Software Engineer, One Medical
Patrick was One Medical's first Data Scientist and currently leads development of their interoperability data platform, aimed at seamlessly sharing and unifying health records across the health care system. During his time at One Medical, his work has been focused on integrating Data... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 5:00pm - 5:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage A


PRO WORKSHOP: Real World Use- Case in Using AL and ML in Software Testing
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have ground-breaking potential across all sectors of industry and science: the outputs of AI / ML have remarkable possibilities - it increases our accuracy, speeds our decision making and increases our productivity. In this presentation, we will explore and embrace AI's promise in accelerating the the entire software testing cycle and demonstrate specific areas where AI and machine learning have led to demonstrable improvement in software quality improvement, testing cycle time reduction and better software bug prediction. This discussion will also explore real world use-cases, benefits and limitations on how testing and QA organizations are embracing AI and ML techniques.

avatar for Ram Shanmugam

Ram Shanmugam

Founder and CEO, AutonomIQ
Ram Shanmugam is the co-founder and CEO of AutonomIQ, a company focusing on using AI, machine learning and deep learning innovations to deliver autonomous testing and dev-ops solutions. Ram is a serial entrepreneur, and most recently, he was the co-founder and CEO of appOrbit. Previously... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 5:00pm - 5:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage B
Thursday, February 21


PRO TALK: OS for AI: Microservices & Serverless Computing Enable the Next Gen of Machine Intelligence
You've trained machine learning models on your data, but how do you put them into production? When you have thousands of model versions, each written in any mix of frameworks (R/Java/Ruby/SciKit/Caffe/Tensorflow on GPUs etc), how do you efficiently deploy them as elastic, scalable, secure APIs with 10ms of latency? ML has been advancing rapidly, but only a few contributors are focusing on the infrastructure and scaling challenges that come with it. We've built, deployed, and scaled thousands of algorithms and machine learning models, using every kind of framework. We've seen many of the challenges faced in this area, and in this talk I'll share some insights into the problems you’re likely to face, and how to approach solving them. In brief, we’ll examine the need for, and implementations of, a complete Operating System for AI: a common interface for different algorithms to be used and combined, and a general architecture for serverless machine learning which is discoverable, versioned, scalable and sharable.

avatar for Jon Peck

Jon Peck

Developer & Advocate, Algorithmia
A full-stack developer with two decades of industry experience, Jon Peck now focuses on bringing scalable, discoverable, and secure machine-learning microservices to developers across a wide variety of platforms via Algorithmia.com--------Speaker at: DeveloperWeek 2018+19, SeattleJS... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 9:00am - 9:25am
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO TALK: Perfecting Personalization with Deep Learning
With more products flooding the market than ever before, it’s imperative that businesses from retail to real estate not only get their own products in front of customers but also ensure they’re delivering the right ones. Recommender systems meet this need by directing customers to desired products and information, providing major benefits to both companies and users.

Unfortunately, the value of these recommender systems is limited by how much (or how little) they understand individual users and how they collect data on their preferences. Without specific and individualized data, companies can’t deliver the information their customers are looking for.
Advances in deep learning and visual search are enabling companies to collect and use data in smarter ways to deliver recommendations that are more personalized and more useful. AI tools use a person’s digital behavior to individualize recommender results, while visual search technology allows users to upload their own photos to further curate recommendations. Trulia is exploring these capabilities to separate user behavior from user intent and to offer new ways for customers to share personal preferences.

The retail and interior design industries are already leveraging these tools to provide more useful recommendations. The potential of this technology spans sectors from real estate to automotive sales to beauty products and beyond.

In this session, Shourabh Rawat will outline the use cases for deep learning and visual search. He will provide best practices for building systems that can leverage these technologies. Audience members will walk away with a clear understanding of the values of these tools and how to develop applications to implement them at their own companies.

avatar for Shourabh Rawat

Shourabh Rawat

Data Science Manager/Lead, Trulia
Shourabh is a Data Science Manager/Lead in the data engineering organization at Trulia (Zillow Group). He has over 5 years of industry experience working in AI, deep learning, computer vision and personalization, deploying these systems to production at scale. Shourabh and his team... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 9:30am - 9:55am
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO TALK: Inside Hopper’s AI Infrastructure: Developing Personalization with Limited Organic Feedback
In this talk, we’ll discuss our production-level, end-to-end infrastructure and workflows to develop AI for travel predictions and recommendations, which now drive 25% of Hopper’s sales. We’ll explore the continuous data ingest from our users (over 30M downloads), and how it enables AI developers to iterate training new neural network designs across millions of users and validate their behavior over multiple data sets. The obstacles faced by the travel industry, such as limited organic feedback (on average people plan 2-3 trips per year vs. 2-3 movies per night on a platform like Netflix), aren’t limited to the travel ecosystem. We will share how the problems we’ve solved in building this infrastructure for training and inference at scale are applicable to others deploying AI-based services.

avatar for Joost Ouwerkerk

Joost Ouwerkerk

Cofounder + CTO, Hopper
Joost Ouwerkerk is the co-founder and CTO of Hopper, where he leads a global team responsible for all technology including user and supplier facing platforms. Joost previously worked in Product Management at Expedia and Software Engineering at Newtrade Technologies (acquired by Expedia... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 10:00am - 10:25am
Grand Ballroom - Stage B


PRO TALK: AI with Personality
We have Siri and Alexa and now Juliet. A Machine learning algorithm deployed to leverage AI in the crypto markets for the regular person. An unbiased global data consuming algorithm makes that has personality. AI with a name. Is it a fad or is there a reason. #AskJuliet.

avatar for Ilana Fraines

Ilana Fraines

Co-Founder & Lead Blockchain Developer, TokenAI
Ilana Fraines is the co-founder and lead blockchain developer at TokenAI, a cryptocurrency investing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. After discovering computer science at an early age, Ilana began developing apps and eventually became a full-time software developer for... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 10:30am - 10:55am
Grand Ballroom - Stage B