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Wednesday, February 20


PRO WORKSHOP: Quantum Computing and the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Community
Blockchains are under constant security threat from hackers and other agents. Adam Koltun, Lead Business Strategist for the Quantum Resistant Ledger, is a part of one of the projects looking at the intersection between blockchain and quantum computing. He will discuss the necessary evolution of signature schemes to keep blockchain technology safe and open as new security threats arise. In this talk, he will discuss the basics of quantum computing (bits vs qubits etc.), the limitations of quantum computing, and how/where it intersects with blockchain technology. As cryptocurrencies continue to rise in prevalence, security is of the utmost importance. Quantum computing poses a direct threat to the signature schemes of blockchain networks. Adam will present the impact of quantum computing on blockchain technology and the necessary security features to protect blockchains from quantum computers. As Adam explores the central question of what makes a signature scheme quantum resistant, he will discuss such topics as One Time Signatures(OTS), the Extended Merkle Signature Scheme (XMSS), as well as other emerging best practices in the journey towards quantum resistance.

avatar for Adam Koltun

Adam Koltun

Lead Business Strategist, QRL
Adam Koltun, the Lead Business Strategist for QRL (Quantum Technology Evangelist) as a speaker at the North American Bitcoin Conference. With a passion for emergent and forward-looking technology, Adam sees blockchain as a foundational technology that will underpin the digital industrial... Read More →

Wednesday February 20, 2019 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Grand Ballroom - Stage A
Thursday, February 21


PRO TALK: A New File Format Paradigm - Decentralized Data Networks
Archon's Encoding Format allows for data sharing at unprecedented scale and speeds. Using just 2 lines of javascript code, you can enable Archon's decentralized cloud on your website, enabling guaranteed file availability, better download speeds and better security.

avatar for Kevin Truong

Kevin Truong

CEO/CTO, Archon
Kevin Truong is the CEO and CTO of Archon Technologies, a seed funded file storage and delivery startup based out of San Francisco. Kevin holds a degree in Computer Science from Stanford, and was the founding engineer at an AI startup named DiffBot, where he built systems for internet-scale... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 9:00am - 9:25am
Grand Ballroom - Stage C


PRO TALK: How to Use the Strengths of GraphQL and REST Together
REST has made publishing HTTP APIs easier, and its benefits on development haven’t gone unnoticed. But, if you need more than basic CRUD operations — or more complex aggregations and transformations — REST can be tough to work with. That’s where GraphQL comes in. Use REST to expose your data the way it exists in your system while giving API consumers a clean GraphQL interface on top to get what they want — and only what they want. In this session, you will learn: • Ways to layer GraphQL capabilities on top of your REST APIs without having to rebuild them • When and why you’d use REST vs. GraphQL • What the future of APIs and integrations could look like

avatar for Wally Ibrahim

Wally Ibrahim

Co-Founder, Aloi, Inc.

Thursday February 21, 2019 9:30am - 9:55am
Grand Ballroom - Stage C


PRO TALK: Deploying & Managing MongoDB on Public Clouds
Public clouds like AWS,Azure & GCP have become very popular platforms over the past few years. These public clouds provide a plethora of infrastructure features to help make your life easier - we will dig into the features/assets that you should be actively leveraging. On the flip side there are also a number of potential pitfalls that you need to be aware of and work around. In this talk we will talk about the common architecture patterns you need to have in place to be successful with MongoDB on public clouds including High availability, Disaster recovery, scale, performance etc.

avatar for Dharshan Rangegowda

Dharshan Rangegowda

Founder & CEO, ScaleGrid
Dharshan is the founder of ScaleGrid.io. Dharshan has extensive experience in enterprise infrastructure & system management. He spent a decade at Microsoft working on Virtualization and Azure. He was one of the early engineers on the Azure cloud with a ringside view of the meteoric... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 10:00am - 10:25am
Grand Ballroom - Stage C


PRO TALK: Democratize Serverless Platform with Knative
The evolution of Public Cloud Platforms made infrastructure provisioning and delivery of applications/services faster than ever before. Applications are traditionally deployed on compute instances and offers full control of infrastructure. However, teams are indebted to maintain/rehydrate instances in addition to paying full usage of resources in spite of low utilization. On the other hand, Cloud vendor’s serverless platform such as AWS Lambda has created huge buzz lately however it is good for trivial applications (small workloads) and often requires massive redesign for porting existing applications. Though, the vendor’s serverless platform charges only for the usage of resources, it creates a vendor lock-in when build and design applications tailored made to run on the platform. In parallel, Kubernetes (K8s) emerged as the first choice container orchestration cluster solution. It is matured, cloud-agnostic, battle-tested and planet-scale platform, born out of 15 years of Google's experience of running production workloads. While k8s opened up an array of new possibilities of managing applications, we are yet again surprised with Knative, open source serverless add-on, run atop of K8s. In this technical session, demonstrates application deployment simplified through Knative, abstracting physical infrastructure details from users. The k8s cluster nodes spread across cloud platforms (AWS, GKE, Azure) will be used for the demo which ensures no vendor lock-in and proves any containerized application can be deployed on a shared enterprise infrastructure yet isolated by namespace and promotes optimal resource utilization. Also, the session deep dive into Knative ecosystem and how to leverage built-in support for metric collection, log monitoring and distributed tracing in no extra time.

avatar for Anirudh Molala

Anirudh Molala

Software Engineer, Capital One
Anirudh has been working as a Software Engineer since 2010, primarily on Java platform including UI, backend and Middleware products. Anirudh's core interests are designing and implementing services with emphasis on throughput and error isolation (where possible) using multi-threaded... Read More →
avatar for Mahesh Veerabathiran

Mahesh Veerabathiran

Master Software Engineer, Capital One
Mahesh Veerabathiran is a Full stack engineer, specialized in building Microservices at scale, Big Data processing and Devops automation. He is a certified Kubernetes administrator (CKA) and multiple AWS certification. He is an active technologist, passionated in learning new technologies... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 10:30am - 10:55am
Grand Ballroom - Stage C


PRO TALK: Know Your Global Users: How to Integrate Data-Intelligence APIs to Enhance Identity and Fuel Growth
As an expert in phone-based verification, Stubblefield has been immersed in the evolution of use of the phone number to improve web and mobile experiences for over 10 years. She will talk through the complex connection that now exists between carriers/mobile operators and online businesses whereby APIs can return real-time identity data that--when optimized with AI--is enhancing every aspect of the online customer journey on an increasingly global scale (registration verification, transaction authentication, database management, customer communications, compliance checks, and operations).

avatar for Stacy Stubblefield

Stacy Stubblefield

Chief Innovation Officer, Telesign
Stubblefield co-founded TeleSign in 2005 and today helps to drive TeleSign's product strategy and identify opportunities for innovation--ensuring that TeleSign delivers groundbreaking technology that best addresses market needs. As part of TeleSign's founding team, she was instrumental... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 11:00am - 11:25am
Grand Ballroom - Stage C


PRO TALK: Apache Karaf – Beyond Microservices, A Full Feature Enterprise Platform
Apache Karaf is a popular applications container. It's the perfect platform for micro-services platform, integration system and much more. Combining with Karaf subprojects, it can provide a full-feature enteprise platform: *Apache Karaf Decanter for monitoring Apache Karaf Cellar for clustering *Apache Karaf Cave for repository *Apache Karaf Vineyard for service registry and gateway.
 This talk will show how to build a complete enterprise platform mixing Karaf and his subprojects. Software architects, developers and devops will see all benefits of using Karaf in the enterprise, covering most of their needs.

avatar for Jean-Baptiste Onofre

Jean-Baptiste Onofre

Fellow, Talend
Jean-Baptiste is an Apache Software Foundation member. He's PMC member for about 20 Apache projects from container and system integration (Karaf, ServiceMix, Camel, ActiveMQ, ...) to big data (Beam, CarbonData, ...). Jean-Baptiste specializes in both system integration and big data... Read More →

Thursday February 21, 2019 11:30am - 11:55am
Grand Ballroom - Stage C